Une jeune fille cryptique
So, who am I?
A little girl who wanders in her own mind, a melancholic poet and writer who likes photography, nature and art, a piercing, tattoos and Rock-lover who worships Freddie Mercury, a proud Japan-lover who adores watching animes, reading mangas and cosplays, a little girl with lots of wonderful pets to fill the hole of loneliness, but especially crazy cat-lover, a proud geek since her young age, a very open-minded and pansexual girl
Someone weird with a lot of obssessional crushs like for example Grell Sutcliff, L, Death the Kid, Crona, Akise-Aru, Shiro, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Dormer, Evan Peters, Hannah Murray...
However, behind the mask there's a quite tormented mind who tries so hard to recover from a severe depression, anxiety, insomnia, binge-disorder and self-destructive behaviour.
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Me pretty much all the time. (via falling-apart-sl0wly)

I just feel so dead inside.
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